infrared photography:

  infrared photography

Different to Thermography, where pictures are taken with an expensive Thermal imaging / Infrared Camera (ca. 20 000 - 40 000 USD) which is able to make visible infrared radiation in the "far infrared" of about 5-15 µm, the "ordinary" infrared photography is an inexpensive method which takes place in the infrared wavelenghth range very close to the visible light at abt. 0,8-1 µm (800-1000 nm).
So you can use a simple analoge or digital camrera using an infrared filter.

The pictures shown were taken with a Nikon 950 digital camera with a Cokin infrared filter Nr.007. A slight red colour is still visible but they are mainly black and white.

Plants and green leaves of any kind are the perfect subject to take infrared pictures: Chlorophyll is absorbing visible and ultra violet light and re-emits it again (fluorescence) in the infrared range. That means: plants are shining bright in the invisible infrared.

tree: infrared picture tree: normal photo tree: negative image
The same tree three times: infrared picture (left) und als "normal" photography (center).
On the right just for comparison: the negative image. It looks a bit alike the infrared one,
but actually it is a totally different kind of picture.

infrared photography

alps: infrared photography ordinary photography for comparison

Austria: the Alps, on the left as infrared image, with far better contrast and more visible details. This is caused by the fact that infrared light beacuse of its larger wavelength it is less scattered / deflected by the various small particles in the atmosphere. By the way that´s the same reason why the sky is blue and sunset is red: blue light is diverted much more than red light, so the ray looses more and more blue light as longer it is passing the atmosphere.

infrared photography: Wald / Tannen (anklicken zum vergrössern) gleiches Motiv: normales Photo

infrared photography Foto
Das Bild zeigt die Aussicht der Kitzbühler Webcam auf der Bichlalm:
links als Infrarotaufnahme, rechts das "Normalbild" (am 26. August 2005)

Infrarotaufnahme foto
Landscape, Infrared + RGB

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